Sunday, July 1, 2007

The Longest Month

Missed plans, anger management, excessive leaves, incentives schemes, new friendster blog, facial cleansers, and an unlucky time for an increase. This month of June was not just a month of brides and grooms, not just of Independence and of Father’s Day celebration and the start of school. This month has also become the month of cursed traffics and worthless roadworks, of new textmates and new friends, of “Transformers” and “Next.”

It was not a busy month, but it was exhausting, saddening and frightening. It was a time wherein I don’t know what I was doing and I don’t know where I was going. Even the page layout applications have shown there downs. Framemaker 7.2 has exhibited a bug in creating black spot color. It was actually creating a CMYK color instead of a spot color. Acrobat seemed to have become a stranger to me when it comes to converting color PDFs to grayscale using Pitstop and Quite-a-Box plug-in. Pitstop wasn’t able to convert embedded colored images to grayscale, which Quite-a-Box was able to do. That activity caused us an additional 6 hours for color manipulation which was very unnecessary.

I hope the coming month will be better.