Monday, March 2, 2009

Those Who Sing and Those Who Laugh

Some problems are not resolved in a day or two. The question is how do we handle these problems if we cannot solve them in a day? I’ve been into fits of anger at times when I encounter intense and stressing predicaments. But what I’ve learned so far is that usually there are strange ways to help you cope up with problems. Two things I’ve seen in particular are laughing and/or singing. Nowadays, every time I feel I want to relieve myself of the stresses of life, I tend to sing. Others, I observe, tend to make jokes and laugh there problems away, which is quite good for them, maybe. I don’t know if both activities are therapeutic in some way. But I believe that singing helps, since it’s the one activity that I’ve been doing.

Music has power beyond our wildest imagination. IMO, it’s a form of bridge between emotion and thoughts. Once we hear a song that suddenly touches our hearts, our mood shifts. Sadness turns to happiness with songs that make us remember of the best days of our lives. Sad songs can make us cry. Other songs make us dance, others make us lie back down and contemplate. That is the power of music.

Humanity has a very, very, very long list of music sheets that I think could fill out every space on earth when printed on paper. And as people continue to live on, there will always be songs to write.

To those who laugh, yes I think laughter is a powerful weapon too. Encountering problems and laughing them all away seems a good choice rather than cry in one corner. But sometimes, I think jokes that could hurt somebody don’t guarantee a good laugh in the end. Sometimes, unintentional hurtful jokes ruin a person’s day. Maybe the initiator of the joke feels all too good about himself/herself, but not the one who got caught in the middle of humiliation. We should remember that not all people are ready to be laughed at. Laughing, “at others” is not a guarantee that you will forget your problems. It may even add up to it. Some people who use laughter as a therapy should know this.

It is our choice whether we wish to sing or laugh in our days. As for me I chose to sing. Besides, I believe that every time we laugh at our problems it laughs back at us. If I sing my problem out, would it sing back to me?

As the song goes, thank you for the music, the songs I’m singing, it sure is a great joy to have songs in hearts.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Creating Yourself

I believe I’ve covered this story a few years back. The time that I always thought I was looking for myself. Trying to find out who I am and what I will be. Until some advertisement or some quote caught my eyes saying “don’t look for yourself, create yourself” or something like that. Also, my brother always tells me the same thing over and over again. Now, at the age of thirty, I’m still in the same state of “looking for myself”.

What stops me from creating myself anyway? Why can’t I be who I “want” to be? What is drawing me back? Perhaps one reason I can’t create myself is because I “want” to know so many at so little time. I “want” to be a jack of all trades in a short span of time which is quite impossible since I don’t have the time to learn everything. That goes down to the second reason, time. As a working guy I almost don’t have the time to create myself due to too much work. Even the two rest days seem to be not enough (I must admit I am a lazy guy). I’d spend my rest days sleeping, netsurfing or playing PC games (awful for someone trying to create himself huh). Lastly, but not the least is money. Money is power on its own. If I “want” to be a businessman I’ll need money. If I “want” to be a photographer I’ll need money. The list goes on and on with one thing in common, money. Then again, haven’t I learned anything when Kiyosaki said that you don’t need money to become successful?

Creating oneself is never an easy task especially if one is reaching for the stars. Maybe what I “want” to be is not what will create me, maybe what I “need” to be is what matters. Okay, so what is it that I “need” to be anyway? Here we go again. Good luck to my self creation, lol.

Looking for a Cooperative in Manila Area

I’m currently looking for a simple cooperative group here in Manila. Can anyone tell me where I can find one and what are the requirements and conditions to join?

Oh, so what is a cooperative?

A cooperative (also co-operative or coöperative; often referred to as a co-op or coop) is defined by the International Co-operative Alliance's Statement on the Co-operative Identity as an autonomous association of persons united voluntarily to meet their common economic, social, and cultural needs and aspirations through a jointly-owned and democratically-controlled enterprise. It is a business organization owned and operated by a group of individuals for their mutual benefit. A cooperative may also be defined as a business owned and controlled equally by the people who use its services or who work at it. Cooperative enterprises are the focus of study in the field of cooperative economics. - Wikipedia

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Overcoming the Challenges of Tomorrow

Internal Turmoil
Beset by doubts, one can only think that the future is bleak and full of uncertainties. Put into that the world crisis that we are all experiencing, it seems wherever we go we can only see suffering. And that the further we go into the future or into our own future, the greater the concerns that we have. As we age, worries involving stability become more evident, making us think that our life is going nowhere fast.

Bright Side
In my opinion, the world has been in confusion even before the very first people had the idea of creating fire. Yet beyond that confusion, man has evolved and will continue to arise against the trials of the days to come. In Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution he said that only the fittest will survive. True to his theory, man did survive the ordeals the planet has to offer.

But the survival of man is not due to competition but because of cooperation. We know how to help each other in situations that call for immediate attention. “No man is an island” as the saying goes. The more we have problems, the more we should learn to open it up to our closest relatives and friends. Besides, humans are the only beings capable of having angst, and are also the only beings capable of happiness.

Choose Your Side
Sometimes the solutions to our biggest problems in life are the little things that make us smile even for a while. Keeping small precious memories will tumble down the worries of world chaos. We may think of money as the solution to our problems. That’s not even half of it.

Let’s read about the experiences of some of the wealthiest people in the world.

Andrew Carnegie
Jean Paul Getty

We will surely find that money has nothing to do with happiness. In fact, it is part of the challenges of tomorrow. And the only way we can face these challenges is by changing our state of mind. Happiness is a state of mind. We should be comfortable with what we have. And if we have problems, we should get by with a little help from our family and friends. Overcoming the challenges of our tomorrow is as easy as seeing things in a positive light.

Monday, February 16, 2009

The Dangers of Riding Motorbikes

Why is an automobile better than a motorbike? Can anyone argue that motorbikes are better than automobiles? When it comes to safety, I think no one can. Automobiles virtually serve as armors for those who ride it while a motorbike is an unstable two-wheeled vehicle. Of course, motorbikes can swerve through traffic with ease, but safety is compromised this way.

A few weeks ago I told my parents that I plan to buy a motorbike. They complained saying that every morning in the news they hear about motorcycle accidents along EDSA. I never argued about the issue since I myself understood what they are trying to say. Motorbikes are very dangerous road vehicles. I, too, have seen so many accidents involving bikes.

Here are some articles that may help in considering whether a motorbike ride is worth it or not…

Dangers Involved in Riding a Motorcycle
Motorcycle Dangers

This one’s quite gruesome; please do not look if you are weak of heart…

Live to Ride, Ride to Die

Don’t ever think that, as a motorbike rider, these things will not happen to you. Danger lurks on every corner when you are on the road. And the chances of living are slimmer if you have no control over everything.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Essence of Budgeting

Some of the working class in our time may not know the importance of budgeting, including me.

I was at SM Megamall this late afternoon shopping for laundry soap, conditioners, colognes, and ethyl alcohols for personal use, when I found myself buying some other things that were not in my list of to-buys. I was grabbing this and that, thinking that I have enough money since it was payday last Friday. Reorganizing my thoughts, I mustered enough power to return back the things that were not necessary.

Impulse buying was what just occurred to me. And if I haven’t reorganized my thoughts I would have fallen into the trap of being a shopaholic for one day. Impulse buying is a dangerous habit if we form it. We might find ourselves out of budget at the end of the week if we don’t gain control of such bad practice. The website provides some shopping tips in order to avoid impulse buying.

No matter how rich we are, if we don’t know how to budget our hard-earned money (either through business or employed state), we will certainly lose the game of money. Fortunately, I have read some of Robert Kiyosaki’s books about financial independence.

It is never too late for something if we want it. We want financial stability? Then let’s begin by computing our budget, be it weekly, monthly or yearly. It’s time to polish our accounting skills.

Friday, February 13, 2009

The Arbitrary Calendar Event – Valentines Day

February 14 doesn’t catch my attention much (or maybe it did since I’m already blogging about it). The reason, it seems that Valentines Day is only for lovers and I, for my part, am loveless. I envy couples who will be celebrating this “special” event.

That much said here’s to a happy Valentines Day to all. Both the love couples and loveless singles.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Corporate Nocturnal

They strike during the weary hours of night. And battle it out through the waking hours of dawn until some monstrous projects have been subdued. Equipped with energy drinks, they clash and spell out all calls, designs, writings, and medicines just to save the one thing that motivates them to fight on… financial stability.

Nightshift work is not new to many people, especially call center agents. I am not against nightshift job but imo (in my opinion), people were not built to work at night. It is no wonder that our biological clocks tell us to sleep during the night. And no normal guy can say that he can sleep in the morning without any hassles.

Currently I’m on the night shift, and I don’t like it. Sometime next week I hope to be back in the morning shift.

Please read this article Night shift and You. It’s a good read.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Struggles of the Working Society

Just only last night have I heard the news that two of our managers will be leaving for Australia. The reason, our company seemed to have let them go. I’m not aware of the full details since I was not in attendance the other night they had a meeting. It’s a sad, sad situation since I can tell for myself that they both love our company. My brother is right in telling me that I should love my work but I should never fall in love with the company. From whomever he got that principle, that person sure knows what he’s saying.

The global financial crisis is eating up every employee here in the Philippines. Just only a month ago Intel, an electronics company, shut down its Philippine branch leaving its current 1,800 employees jobless. Then FedEx, a shipment company followed suit, pulling out its Philippine hub, takes it to China, leaving behind 500 workers. Intel seemed out of option when it closed down its company since the electronics industry appears to be out of shape the last few years. But FedEx left the Philippines in search of a greener pasture, and they found it to be China. Still, some reports tell of many other companies closing down in the Philippines.

Our company, which is a BPO publishing company, is not safe in terms of the global financial crisis. Though we may have a lot of work today, we cannot predict what tomorrow will bring. And I’m sure that the working class of any kind from around the world has the same anxieties. Globalization certainly has its drawbacks.

Until we, the working society, do not find a way to become independent on our own, we will find ourselves struggling for survival for the rest of our waking lives. It’s a harsh reality, but there is always a light at the end of a tunnel.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Late Entry 2009

10 months… 10 months of staggering work and confusing hearts and minds. And now, here’s a new entry for 2009. Here are a few pictures from our balcony taken on New Year’s Eve.

Our neighbors' house was very much decorated this New Year.