Thursday, January 27, 2011

No More Globe/Smart for YM?

No More Globe/Smart for YM?

Since yesterday, I’ve been trying to figure out a way to change my mobile phone number in Yahoo! Messenger. But it seems that Yahoo! have discontinued its services with the Philippine mobile carriers Globe and Smart.

After some hours of searching the internet, I found someone who seems to have had the same problem. He posted this question two months ago (which would be November 2010) on Yahoo! Answers and the single reply seemed justifiable.

Smart (asian) carrier no longer available for yahoo messenger mobile?

A comment by someone named Margot from a Yahoo! Messenger blog on October 18, 2010 could also be attributed to the same problem.

I’m still not sure if Yahoo! Messenger closed its service with Globe and Smart mobile, but if they did, shouldn’t they inform the public about it? A simple, searchable webpage notifying YM users that they’re not supporting the Philippine mobile carriers anymore would be sufficient. Anyway, no harm done, just sad that I won’t be able to set my status to “I’m mobile”. : )