Wednesday, October 9, 2013

There’s Something New in Yahoo! Mail

Not long after experiencing Google Books in the Philippines during Google’s fairly extensive updates, now Yahoo! Mail had some updates of its own. Opening my Yahoo! Mail this afternoon, I was prompted by this message…

Yahoo! Mail themes

Yahoo! Mail themes. Interesting.

With Gmail, email themes are not new. But with Yahoo! adding this feature to their emails, they’re giving the impression that Gmail had a fun and exciting feature they want to have. I’m not a fan of personalizing emails cause I think that themes slows down browsers. Or maybe I worry about nonsensical technical matters. Still, just to test the waters, I fiddled with the Yahoo! Mail themes for a few minutes, and now my Yahoo! Mail looks like this…

Yahoo! Mail with Seascape Evening theme

Yahoo! Mail with Seascape Evening theme. Nice.

Pretty “cool”. Now if you want to change your email theme anytime, you can do that by clicking this icon themes link on the bottom left corner of the email window. This will open up a “wide” set of themes to choose from…

Variety of Yahoo! Mail themes

Choose from a “wide” variety of Yahoo! Mail themes.

Yahoo! did a great job with this new feature, though I have an inkling that they’re duplicating Google. Well, considering that Yahoo!’s current President and CEO Marissa Mayer was once part of Google, the mimicry is possible. But, setting aside my being a Filipino, mimicry if used in a constructive way never hurt anybody. If Yahoo! does imitate Google, I can see that they’re imitating them in a positive light. Can Google file a complaint on Yahoo! about this? Maybe, I don’t know, but doesn’t the Wordpress blogging site also have themes?

For more about Yahoo! mail’s recent update check the following sites…

Yahoo unveils total email redesign inspired by Flickr and Tumblr
Yahoo Mail turns sweet 16, gets swanky new look
Yahoo’s Mail App Gets a Major Redesign for Its 16th Birthday – shows a major change in Yahoo! mail app for mobile devices

Now, let’s see, where can I find the remove themes button?

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Google Books Now Available in the Philippines

After the Google update, it seems that Google Books has become available in the Philippines. Gmail was also updated recently, and it took me some time to find where the link to my Google Drive went…

The apps link in Gmail used to look like this even if we were logged in as a user.

Google took the time to place a tip where all the apps are now located…

The new location of all the apps in Google at log in.

The best part in the update is Google Books’ availability in our country. Here’s a glance on how extensive the new Google Books appear…

New Google Books

We can read and synch these eBooks on different platforms…

Choose whether to read on web reader, tablet, ereader, or phone

On top of all, we can download these eBooks as PDF or EPUB…

Under the options menu, download eBook as EPUB or PDF.

Very exciting new things coming from Google.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Lazada – The Place for Shopping Inspiration

Did I mention some time ago I’m not fond of online shopping? Well now I’m a member of three online shopping websites here in the Philippines, namely iGrab, Lazada and Metrodeal.

Last week, our company manager sir Charles showed us a brand new Arc Mobile tablet that he plans to give to one of his sons as a gift. He bought it from for a reasonable price of ₱3,999. After taking a quick look and feel of the tablet, I can say that was a great trade.

Lazada, unlike Metrodeal where I bought the Seagate 1TB External Hard Drive last June, offers cash on delivery and free shipping for most items in their list. Lazada gives a free ₱200 voucher valid for 1 month upon joining. As of this writing, Lazada has an android app for mobile. iGrab claims to have one also but I can’t find it on their website. Metrodeal don’t seem to have an app, or maybe they didn’t bother to mention it on their landing page.

Lazada has a September promo in its Affiliate Program. For this September, an affiliate member has a chance to win an iPad mini or one of three ₱10,000 Lazada vouchers. The Affiliate Program is what interests me. As you can see, I’ve already joined the program and have the Lazada banner ad just below my Blog Archive. I’m hoping though that the Affiliate Program continues even after the September promo. I contacted Lazada customer support about it and they said “the option is currently unavailable” which I don’t quite understand. Anyway, if the Lazada banner ad below the Blog Archive disappears, that means the Affiliate Program has ended.

Sir Charles is very much confident in the service of Lazada. My brother is also an enthusiast of Lazada and often checks their offers on Facebook.

Have you tried Lazada? Is their service great or what?

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Advertising on “Dumb Ways”

A little satiric comedy could at times help brighten a dull day.

Reading along an entry on the HubSpot blog, a somewhat disturbing title caught my eyes. Along with the YouTube video, the title “Dumb Ways to Die” is not something you’d instantly click unless you’re a death fetish type of persona. But the blog author mentioning it as a “Grand Prix in PR and direct marketing” winner is much of interest. Also, the characters, as some say they are, are adorable. Feeling that I have nothing to lose (especially my appetite) by watching this, I clicked away …

Interesting was not the word that came to my mind after the video. It was hilarious, rendering LSS at the same time. Feeling obsessive at the moment, I started looking for the so-called game on the internet and even visited there website. A free MP3 is also available for download here.

This kind of advertising proves that “interest” is sometimes not the key to catching people’s attention. I’m basically not interested in the crude title when I first read it, but the video advertisement is spot on in what it wants to deliver. And the music, it’s so country like and … hypnotizing. Goes to show that if you want to instill an idea to people, you need to reach them through a medium that they will always remember and think about subliminally, even during their sleep.

Another great medium for advertising is social media. I wouldn’t have had any idea about this advertisement if it wasn’t for HubSpot’s blog post.

I haven’t found the Dumb Ways to Die game but I’m happy to say that I’ve just made the MP3 (more than 3MB in size) my ringtone. This’ll be an obsession for quite some time until something new comes along. And yes, the "dumb" characters are adorable, don't you think?

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Metrodeal – It’s a Great Deal

I’m never fond of online shopping. I don’t trust online security measures even if there’s that so-called https which is a secure protocol they say, or even that VeriSign or other security logos which most ecommerce systems use. But lo and behold, I’ve just bought this Seagate 1TB External Hard Drive from Metrodeal Philippines.

This lovely storage system costs only ₱2,999. I’ve checked the other online offers and most costs about ₱3,500 for a brand new unit. While some used were sold at ₱2,990. So this was a great deal indeed. Now let’s wait if this Seagate 1TB External HD will last for even a year with all the negative reviews I’ve been seeing. Better we buy a brand new internal drive soon. Maybe we can check Metrodeal again.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Puerto Galera – Tamaraw Beach Resort

Last February 7, our company, Circle Graphics had an outing at Puerto Galera, Mindoro. Our boss, Frank Dunn booked us at the Tamaraw Beach Resort. For a start (and I’m not sure if I mentioned this before in my past blog or some other blog), I’m not the type that goes out a lot. One would usually find me at home sleeping, in front of the computer, or doing household chores (such a dweeb). Places where I love to go to usually are the malls. But, nevertheless, I’ve been to a few outings with past company colleagues, friends, and family. But this recent company outing is quite special because . . . I have with me a brand new Olympus camera which I’ve won last December in our company Christmas party raffle promo, yay.

If my memory serves me right, the last outing I had in which I carried my own camera was in 2001, wherein I had an analog camera that used film instead of a memory card. It was somewhere in Laguna, and I’m still keeping a few of the pictures that withstood the test of time.

Our trip to Puerto Galera started at LRT Buendia, Manila. We set up our meeting place at 6 am, near a 7–11 convenience store, just behind JAM Liner. We left at 7 am, with Batangas pier as our first destination. This trip took us less than two hours. We then travelled by boat for another two hours.

By the time we reached Tamaraw Beach Resort, a beachfront hotel, it was almost 12 pm. Now the following events that occurred I wish I could elaborate clearly, but since this is the first time I’ve blogged about an outing, I simply have no idea how to express every good thing that has happened during our stay at the hotel. But to sum it up, Tamaraw Beach Resort is an excellent place to stay. The rooms are great, well for me they are. As for the price, I generally don’t have an idea since our boss paid for everything. Not that I don’t care, I just think that snooping around other people’s business is not my concern. Anyway, our boss liked the place and so I guess, the price was right.

Following are a few of the photos I’ve taken during our stay. And next time, if ever there happens to be an outing again, I would post much earlier. Posting late makes me forget a lot of details.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Selling Bluefish Portable Aircon

Bluefish portable aircon, 2HP, 3 years old and in good condition.

Original price was 20,000 Philippine peso, now selling at 10,000 Philippine peso.

This is also on my Multiply account.

September 10, 2013
After a few qualms with my wife about selling this unit, I decided to cancel it out. It's not for sale anymore (not that any one was interested anyway) and has gone to website heaven a few months ago.

This unit has been sold already.

Selling Funk & Wagnalls New Encyclopedia Volumes

If you have a collection of the Funk & Wagnalls New Encyclopedia that is missing some volumes, I have 5 volumes that are for sale. I’m selling it for 100 Philippine peso each or 2.5 U.S. dollars each (in case somebody from the international field would ask, of course shipping costs is a different matter).

The 5 volumes I have for sale are Volumes 1, 8, 9, 12, and 13 and are in very, very good condition.

You may also find these items for sale on my Multiply account.

September 10, 2013
I'm so sad to tell that has pulled the plug. One interesting website has finally reached its conclusion.