Thursday, June 20, 2013

Advertising on “Dumb Ways”

A little satiric comedy could at times help brighten a dull day.

Reading along an entry on the HubSpot blog, a somewhat disturbing title caught my eyes. Along with the YouTube video, the title “Dumb Ways to Die” is not something you’d instantly click unless you’re a death fetish type of persona. But the blog author mentioning it as a “Grand Prix in PR and direct marketing” winner is much of interest. Also, the characters, as some say they are, are adorable. Feeling that I have nothing to lose (especially my appetite) by watching this, I clicked away …

Interesting was not the word that came to my mind after the video. It was hilarious, rendering LSS at the same time. Feeling obsessive at the moment, I started looking for the so-called game on the internet and even visited there website. A free MP3 is also available for download here.

This kind of advertising proves that “interest” is sometimes not the key to catching people’s attention. I’m basically not interested in the crude title when I first read it, but the video advertisement is spot on in what it wants to deliver. And the music, it’s so country like and … hypnotizing. Goes to show that if you want to instill an idea to people, you need to reach them through a medium that they will always remember and think about subliminally, even during their sleep.

Another great medium for advertising is social media. I wouldn’t have had any idea about this advertisement if it wasn’t for HubSpot’s blog post.

I haven’t found the Dumb Ways to Die game but I’m happy to say that I’ve just made the MP3 (more than 3MB in size) my ringtone. This’ll be an obsession for quite some time until something new comes along. And yes, the "dumb" characters are adorable, don't you think?

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Metrodeal – It’s a Great Deal

I’m never fond of online shopping. I don’t trust online security measures even if there’s that so-called https which is a secure protocol they say, or even that VeriSign or other security logos which most ecommerce systems use. But lo and behold, I’ve just bought this Seagate 1TB External Hard Drive from Metrodeal Philippines.

This lovely storage system costs only ₱2,999. I’ve checked the other online offers and most costs about ₱3,500 for a brand new unit. While some used were sold at ₱2,990. So this was a great deal indeed. Now let’s wait if this Seagate 1TB External HD will last for even a year with all the negative reviews I’ve been seeing. Better we buy a brand new internal drive soon. Maybe we can check Metrodeal again.