Wednesday, October 9, 2013

There’s Something New in Yahoo! Mail

Not long after experiencing Google Books in the Philippines during Google’s fairly extensive updates, now Yahoo! Mail had some updates of its own. Opening my Yahoo! Mail this afternoon, I was prompted by this message…

Yahoo! Mail themes

Yahoo! Mail themes. Interesting.

With Gmail, email themes are not new. But with Yahoo! adding this feature to their emails, they’re giving the impression that Gmail had a fun and exciting feature they want to have. I’m not a fan of personalizing emails cause I think that themes slows down browsers. Or maybe I worry about nonsensical technical matters. Still, just to test the waters, I fiddled with the Yahoo! Mail themes for a few minutes, and now my Yahoo! Mail looks like this…

Yahoo! Mail with Seascape Evening theme

Yahoo! Mail with Seascape Evening theme. Nice.

Pretty “cool”. Now if you want to change your email theme anytime, you can do that by clicking this icon themes link on the bottom left corner of the email window. This will open up a “wide” set of themes to choose from…

Variety of Yahoo! Mail themes

Choose from a “wide” variety of Yahoo! Mail themes.

Yahoo! did a great job with this new feature, though I have an inkling that they’re duplicating Google. Well, considering that Yahoo!’s current President and CEO Marissa Mayer was once part of Google, the mimicry is possible. But, setting aside my being a Filipino, mimicry if used in a constructive way never hurt anybody. If Yahoo! does imitate Google, I can see that they’re imitating them in a positive light. Can Google file a complaint on Yahoo! about this? Maybe, I don’t know, but doesn’t the Wordpress blogging site also have themes?

For more about Yahoo! mail’s recent update check the following sites…

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Now, let’s see, where can I find the remove themes button?

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Google Books Now Available in the Philippines

After the Google update, it seems that Google Books has become available in the Philippines. Gmail was also updated recently, and it took me some time to find where the link to my Google Drive went…

The apps link in Gmail used to look like this even if we were logged in as a user.

Google took the time to place a tip where all the apps are now located…

The new location of all the apps in Google at log in.

The best part in the update is Google Books’ availability in our country. Here’s a glance on how extensive the new Google Books appear…

New Google Books

We can read and synch these eBooks on different platforms…

Choose whether to read on web reader, tablet, ereader, or phone

On top of all, we can download these eBooks as PDF or EPUB…

Under the options menu, download eBook as EPUB or PDF.

Very exciting new things coming from Google.