Saturday, November 14, 2015

Dunkin' Donuts One-Day Sale Today

So my sister found out on her facebook page that Dunkin’ Donuts is having a one-day sale today. I took the responsibility of buying the promo since I was on my way to the wet market to buy ingredients for sinigang na baboy. The promo was priced at ₱299.

So, did we get to save money in buying this promo? Here’s my computation.

The contents of the boxes were 12 regular assorted donuts and 32 assorted munchkins. One box contained 6 regular assorted donuts and 20 assorted munchkins while the other contained 6 regular assorted donuts and 12 assorted munchkins.

If 1 regular donut is worth ₱18. Then:

₱12 × 18 pcs = ₱216

If the munchkins cost ₱4 per piece, then:

₱4 × 32 pcs = ₱128

Overall total for a normal set without the promo is ₱344.

So the answer is yes, we did get to save ₱45 on this promo. Not bad. Nice promo Dunkin’ Donuts.