Sunday, February 26, 2017

The SM Clearance Outlet in Recto

For the budget conscious, places like Divisoria, Quiapo, and Baclaran are Shangri-las (check out the Top 5 Local Bargains You Can’t Miss in Manila). I decided to try Quiapo today and yes, they do have more than reasonable prices for so many items. I doubt the quality though but for cheap items, what would you expect. I went to Recto coming from Fabie St., riding a jeepney route to Robinson’s Manila, dropping off at Padre Faura near Manila Science High School. Then I rode another jeepney to Recto, dropped-off at Plaza Fair. It’s easy to get to Quiapo and Divisoria but soon, me and my sisters will be living in Cavite after 5 more months. It’s sad that these places will be a long way from there.

The sidewalk vendors had so many great items. But I remembered that there was an SM Clearance Outlet in the area, so I didn’t bought anything from all the outside stalls and vendors because it felt dangerous to bring out money (maybe if I get the hang of it I’ll be able to do that, i.e., if I usually buy stuffs here the way my father used to do).

I made my way through all the stalls, looking here and there, scanning the place for items that are being sold. Shoes, gadgets, clothes, caps, etc. They seem to have everything here. From Plaza Fair I got to Isetann Recto then to Quiapo Church.

Inside Quiapo church on a Sunday

Inside Quaipo church on a Sunday.

Outside Quiapo church on a Sunday

Outside Quaipo church.

I then found where Hidalgo street is. This is the place where camera items can be found. I plan on bringing my sister’s Nikon D600 here soon. That needs to be fixed.

I then went to the SM Clearance Outlet and bought a pair of rubber shoes, 3 pairs of socks, 3 underwears, and a haircomb and mirror. How much did it all costs?

Rubber Shoes = ₱400.00

3 Underwears = ₱109.75

3 Pairs of Socks = ₱250.00

Haircomb, Mirror, and Pouch = ₱131.29

Photo of cheap rubber shoes

Cheap rubber shoes.

Photo of underwears, socks, and accessories inside a red plastic bag.

Underwears, socks, and accessories inside the red plastic bag.

I consider them all great bargains. What do you think? Are these items cheap? You know any other places to buy cheap shoes, underwears, and socks?

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

When It's Time to Move On

I’m not talking about the type of moving on wherein there’s no responsibility involved. We’re already married and we have a very handsome boy. But out of nowhere the problem began. I cannot decipher how it happened or who is at fault. But I do know that it will be unresolvable through time existent.

Was it December when everything started to fall apart? I cannot tell. Maybe it was even earlier than that. Maybe even from the time that we have met.

I’m not perfect. In fact, a super flung from even being normal. Not as brilliant as most men. Not handsome. And very much financially incapable.

Maybe it was all that. Maybe that’s the reason why I was ordered to leave. Like an unwanted garbage that was needed to be thrown away.

It is all very sad. But I cannot let myself just fall into sadness and chaos because of all this. No! I may not be perfect. I may not be normal. May not be that brilliant and not that handsome. I may not be financially capable. But I know that I’ve tried. And am still trying.

I’m sorry for all the mistakes that I’ve made. For all the wrong things I’ve done. Sorry as I maybe, there’s no turning back. Move forward. It’s just time to move on.