Sunday, March 26, 2017

Drifting Clouds

Sometimes, I look in the morning sky,
wondering if I am like the clouds that just drift by.
Not knowing where they'll go,
letting the wind have them tow.

I thought I had everything planned.
A system that I believed won't fail.
But realized nothing has a grand design.
In this world that we breathe in.

In the hustle and bustle of life,
we usually cannot see what's in front of us.
Just planning and doing what we think is right,
then waking up when all falls apart.

What's been done is done so they say,
and it's better not to cry over spilled milk.
But now and then a tear or two,
could drive away the heartache that's inside of you.

Lucky to have friends by my side,
That try to help the best they can.
But we have mountains on our own.
And we always climb them alone.

It's funny what loneliness can do.
It makes you think what you've been through.
And no matter how much I hide,
emptiness and sadness just creep inside.

All is gone, but maybe it's okay.
For what else can I do but go on.
Masks it all, probably is best.
Just get ready for the few remaining quest.

And while I'm at it I'll just drift away.
Like the clouds that go by everyday.
How fortunate they all must be.
To have the freedom that I so much longed for.