Thursday, June 8, 2017

Synthetic Leather Versus Genuine Leather

A few months ago, my sisters were kind enough to buy me a waist belt since they’ve noticed that I was having trouble with my pants. I am really lucky to have such kind sisters.

Unfortunately, I needed to buy me a new one today because the waste belt that they bought me had already deteriorated to the point that it broke into two, and mind you I don’t have a big belly.

Synthetic leather belt

My synthetic leather belt that lasted only a few months.

I decided to buy a waist belt at The Landmark Makati, under the men’s accessories section. While I was selecting a belt design, a salesman approached me and asked if I needed help. I then asked him if they have sturdy belts because the last belt I had didn’t last for even half a year. I then showed him the broken belt. He said that my belt was synthetic leather and synthetic leathers are not as tough as real leathers.

He then lead me to the Pierre Cardin belt brand which he says are made of genuine leather. Sadly, as much as the brand name is hard to pronounce, the price is hard in the pocket. It costs ₱560. For median living citizens of the Philippines, ₱560 is almost equivalent to a week of food allowance. The belt that my sisters bought me was only ₱200+.

I had second doubts on buying the Pierre Cardin brand but since the salesman was so reassuring about the quality of genuine leather, I decided to give in.

Genuine leather belt

My new genuine leather belt that the salesman said would last for years.

As I write this blog, I am also researching about synthetic leather versus genuine leather. It seems that synthetic leather is cheaper because it’s made of plastic while genuine leather is made of animal skin which are expensive. Advocates of animal rights also prefer synthetic leathers as shown in this video.

It’s quite bothering to think that I’ve bought me a cowhide for a belt. I just wish that the cow or whatever animal this belt came from is in animal heaven. The animal’s sacrifice though was not wasted because, if what the salesman said is true, I will have a belt that will last me years.

An article I’ve read entitled “All About Your Belt: Is the leather (and price) worth it?” discusses leather types and price. It’s a worthwhile read, suggesting that one should buy a belt based on “personal preferences and lifestyle”. It even gives a link to a tutorial website on “How to Make a $90 Belt for Only $23”.

Does your conscience knock at you when you buy things that are made of animal skin? Or would you prefer sturdy materials even if an animal was killed for it? Do you prefer cheap or expensive?

In my holistic opinion, and based on experience, I would rather buy me an expensive animal hide that would last for years than a cheap polymer that would only last a few months. I’d just thank the animal who gave the ultimate sacrifice to serve the desires of humanity. Do you feel the same way?